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Discover Dartmouth’s historic campaign

The Call to Lead is a bold invitation to Dartmouth’s global community to engage with the most pressing human concerns of our times. Through this $3 billion campaign, we will effect change and improve lives around the world by pursuing three key goals.

Advance our distinctive educational model

to become the unparalleled leader in liberal arts education

Pursue discoveries that benefit humanity

by investing in key areas for global impact

Prepare students for lives of leadership

to meet the world's great challenges with wisdom

76% to Goal
87,857 Participants

How Will You Answer the Call?

This is a campaign for everyone who loves Dartmouth—and believes in the power of future generations. Thousands of alumni, parents, and friends have supported Dartmouth through The Call to Lead. Join us by giving to the Dartmouth initiatives, schools, or institutes that mean the most to you. Now is our time to change the world!

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Choose Your Path

Today’s Dartmouth students and faculty want to make a difference right now in our complex, global, technology-driven society. Their work begins here in Hanover. You can join their efforts by investing in the part of the campaign that speaks to your own interests.

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Supporting All of Dartmouth

Dartmouth is the fusion of a renowned liberal arts college and a robust research university, with schools, departments, and disciplines working together to provide students with an unparalleled liberal arts experience. You can support the campaign by giving directly to one of Dartmouth’s schools, centers, institutes, or other divisions.

Kaya Thomas

"Make People Feel Welcome, No Matter Their Background"

Kaya Thomas ’17 talks about designing apps and her philosophy on technology.

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