Why I Give

Gifts of all sizes make an impact. These donors share why they answered The Call to Lead.

“The Kings and the college have been very generous with my scholarship, but helping others doesn't have to wait till graduation.”

Janel Perez ’22

“Buddy Teevens is the Best College Football Coach in the country. His program excels in all of the right ways: ethically, student-athlete welfare, innovation, and on-field performance. I’m proud to be associated with such a classy effort.”

Rick Gerardi ’74

“My Dartmouth experience opened so many doors for me. I think it's important for me to make sure the institution endures and that I open doors for others.”

Sindhura Kodali ’08

“Dartmouth was a wonderful experience for me, as well as for my kids. I want to keep that experience available to others.”

Julia Geer ’75

“Dartmouth is an immensely wealthy and ambitious institution. Its undergraduates are privileged in ways they may not fully appreciate for years to come. However, not all possess the financial resources to get them through their ever-more-costly Dartmouth experience, beyond scholarship support. Sometimes even a few hundred dollars can make a critical difference to a student confronted with necessary and unexpected expenses. The College's Student Expenses Support Fund recognizes and addresses this need, and is worthy of its alumni's support.”

Samuel C. Dixon ’81

“Dartmouth helped me see the kind of impact I could have on those around me simply by being my authentic self. As a girl from the projects, I can’t imagine a more precious gift.”

Hoi Ning Ngai ’00

“My Dartmouth experience shaped me into the person I am today in so many ways. Faculty, like Half Zantop, helped me make connections with my passions such as my love of rock climbing and geology. Coaches challenged me to push myself more than I ever could imagine. The friendships I made have lasted a lifetime. This was truly one of the best times of my life.”

Nina Cook Silitch ’94

“As a former international student, I know I could not have attended Dartmouth without need-based financial aid. Therefore, I realize how critical it is.”

Mandar M. Pendse Th’04