Why I Give

Gifts of all sizes make an impact. These donors share why they answered The Call to Lead.

Dartmouth is the most critical aspect of my personal and professional success. I began college on the back of financial aid coming from a modest background with no connections. I met my wife on campus and our three kids will grow up with unlimited opportunities thanks to Dartmouth. Nothing has contributed to our success more than the College and we plan to pay it forward for the rest of our lives.

Justin Martini ’05

I went to Dartmouth with no social or academic confidence. I was also one of very few students of Asian descent. I got a great education, received support, guidance and friendship, and did not have a single unpleasant experience. I wish everyone could have this kind of experience.

Christopher Hu ’69 Th’70

The present moment, with its pandemic and racial unrest, has highlighted the persistent inequalities in our society more than any time in my memory. I have specified financial aid because I want to give those who may have had less opportunity in life a chance to learn and lead us to a better society.

Paul Hemmerich ’71

I give so young men and women—especially those of African descent with limited resources—have the opportunity to receive all that a Dartmouth education offers, just as I did.

Abike James ’92

Educating foreign students in America improves the chances for greater understanding and better relations between the US and other countries as those students achieve leadership in their societies.

John Keane ’66

The singular value of my Dartmouth education has always been that I learned how to learn. At times like the present, that value has never been greater since it is the key to resilience and reinvention during periods of challenge or crisis. Thank you to Dartmouth and all the peers who offered me guidance, insight, and support.

James Cioban ’79 Gr’81

I learned to be an activist at Dartmouth building shanties on the Green to oppose apartheid. I learned about women's issues through great professors like Mary Kelly. I made great friends.

Geeta Anand ’89

I was lucky. I didn't need financial assistance when I was at Dartmouth. But many students who are very bright and deserving need financial assistance. I just want to help them out when I can.

William Beers ’68