Why I Give

Gifts of all sizes make an impact. These donors share why they answered The Call to Lead.

The people you meet and the lessons you learn in and out of the classroom stay with you throughout your life.

Judy Song

Smiling woman My peers were my Dartmouth experience: I owe so much of my continued personal and professional success to the formative experiences alongside my mind-blowingly impressive classmates. I give to Dartmouth to support the College’s ability to attract and recruit the most qualified, passionate, and high-potential high school students. The absolute best deserve to be—and should be—the Dartmouth of today and tomorrow.

Erin Lansky ’12

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I treasure my Dartmouth experience and my Dartmouth friendships.

Carol Shaw

Dartmouth has been the single biggest influence on my life: from meeting my wife, to meeting my best lifelong friends, to sending both of our children to Dartmouth. I also worked throughout my career with Dartmouth alums.

Curt Oberg

I was a student from Greece on financial aid, and it was already hard enough for my parents to meet my tuition fees, so I never even dared suggest LSA or FSP to them. However, I saw how transformed returning students were. Even though our world is virtually more connected now than back in the early '80s, I still think there is no substitute for human contact and interactions for broadening minds and lives, and I hope for more students to experience this and "roam the girdled Earth".

Paula Miller '85

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Giving to the Dartmouth College Fund ensures that the Dartmouth experience is available to a wider group of students, students who will strengthen the Dartmouth community during their college years and beyond.

Steven Fried ’91 P’22

Education is the most important word in our language, in any language. It’s how we create leaders, grow our economy, and learn about other people, which nurtures peace. Education is the key to a better world.

Frank J. Guarini ’46

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Increasingly, America is divided by class and economic disparity. If I can help make Dartmouth more affordable for just one deserving student by supporting the Dartmouth College Fund, to me that's so important.

Peter Murane ‘87