Why I Give

Gifts of all sizes make an impact. These donors share why they answered The Call to Lead.

Kanani Kauka was a driving force in bringing awareness and understanding about divestment from South Africa while she was at Dartmouth. Her wisdom and passion for what was right will always be remembered.

Kanani Kauka

The excellent education I got at Dartmouth helped ensure my professional success, and the friendships I made there continue to impact me today.

Mara Dinsmoor

I give in honor of my Dartmouth friends who, 40 years later, are still some of my closest friends.

Elizabeth Leggat

I'm inspired by the most kind, strong, and supportive woman in my life, my mother.


Dartmouth gave me a phenomenal education and lifelong friends. Who could ask for more?

F. Patricia Fisher

I love Dartmouth.

John Higginson

Dartmouth provided me with access and the tools to make significant strides in my professional career. I would not have made it this far without the world-class education that I received during my academic career. I feel a strong sense of duty and responsibility to help ensure that opportunity is made available for future generations of students.

Lauren Glover

I want to support Women at Dartmouth.

Christina Thompson