Why I Give

Gifts of all sizes make an impact. These donors share why they answered The Call to Lead.

Dartmouth has always been a place of pure possibility to me. Its rare magic should be available to the most deserving students around the world, not the ones most able to afford it. As an international student who relied on financial aid, I'm thrilled that Dartmouth will be offering need-blind admissions to students worldwide--and by doing so welcoming more bright sparks from all corners of the globe. A special place has found a way to be even more special. I'm eternally proud of you, Dartmouth!

Kimberley Tait Lowe '01

We have a daughter in her sophomore year, and making connections across disciplines has never been more important for the future of the world.

Steve and Bex Ragg

Over forty years later, I still have a vivid memory of elation as I drove up West Wheelock to the intersection of Main St and looked out across the Dartmouth quad for the first time. I was never disappointed, and consider those four years among the best of my life. I have gone many places and done many things, but Dartmouth is special to me. Although I have not been on campus in many years, the photos at the London Global Summit brought it all back in an instant. It is a small college, but there are those who [will always] love it.

Jay Alexander ‘83

I'm inspired by the increased commitment of Dartmouth/Tuck to Europe as exemplified at the Dartmouth at 250 Global Summit in London. Thank you very much for organizing. Let's make Dartmouth/Tuck an thought leader with an impact on the world.

Markus Koch

The people you meet and the lessons you learn in and out of the classroom stay with you throughout your life.

Judy Song

Smiling woman My peers were my Dartmouth experience: I owe so much of my continued personal and professional success to the formative experiences alongside my mind-blowingly impressive classmates. I give to Dartmouth to support the College’s ability to attract and recruit the most qualified, passionate, and high-potential high school students. The absolute best deserve to be—and should be—the Dartmouth of today and tomorrow.

Erin Lansky ’12

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I treasure my Dartmouth experience and my Dartmouth friendships.

Carol Shaw

Dartmouth has been the single biggest influence on my life: from meeting my wife, to meeting my best lifelong friends, to sending both of our children to Dartmouth. I also worked throughout my career with Dartmouth alums.

Curt Oberg