Campaign Goals

Dartmouth will drive distinction and differentiation through leadership—advancing our unique educational model to its full potential; becoming a leading authority on key global issues; and preparing students for lives of leadership.

The following overarching goals are powerfully supported by the campaign’s strategic priorities—nine major initiatives that, together, will uplift every aspect of Dartmouth.

Advance Dartmouth’s Distinctive Educational Model to Its Fullest

Dartmouth is a fusion of the very best liberal arts college and highest-quality research university. The Call to Lead will make it the preeminent institution for teachers and scholars.

Make Discoveries That Improve the Human Condition

Dartmouth faculty are already pushing the boundaries of human understanding. The Call to Lead will help them change the world.

Prepare Students for Lives of Wise Leadership

Tomorrow’s immense challenges will require leaders able to think critically, communicate effectively, and work comfortably across multiple cultures. The Call to Lead will help us develop those future leaders at Dartmouth.

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