Why I Give

Gifts of all sizes make an impact. These donors share why they answered The Call to Lead.

“Dartmouth changed my life and opened a whole world of opportunity! Some of my fondest memories and closest friends came from my time at Dartmouth.”

W. Matt Kelly ’95

“As a member of the Dartmouth track and field team, Chi Delta Sorority, UGA of Shabazz, and a Rockefeller Center employee, Dartmouth became a second home for me. All the professors and friendships among the community I created truly impacted me positively. My growth as an academic and volunteer has continued since I graduated. I want other women to reap the benefits and opportunities that Dartmouth offers throughout my undergraduate experience.”

Amelia Ali ’19

“I give to the Tucker Foundation, because I feel that a donation to the Tucker Foundation is 2x a donation. I was able to volunteer both in the Upper Valley and abroad as a Tucker Fellow. I am so appreciative of the experiences I had, I donate to pay it ‘backward’ to other Dartmouth students so they have the opportunity to make a difference through service.”

Betsy Heafitz ’89

“Dartmouth shaped my love for the outdoors and critical thinking.”

Pamela Cochran GR’93

“When I matriculated to Dartmouth, it was only 35 percent women. I learned to stand up for myself and to speak up for other women. I found excellent women mentors who helped me to assume the authority of leadership, even when it was resisted. Being a woman at Dartmouth equipped me well to become a professional theatre director and then an Episcopal priest—both roles historically constrained to men. I’m so grateful for the call to lead at Dartmouth.”

Julia Whitworth ’93

“I give because I value the experiences and opportunities that Dartmouth offered to me as an undergraduate. I also really value the opportunities that are available to me as an alumna of the school, especially with the increased efforts to reach out to alumni virtually. In addition, I am an educator, and now more than ever I see the need for expanded resources and information related to mental health for young people. I am gratified to see that Dartmouth has established a fund and new initiative to address the need for a more comprehensive approach to mental health.”

Diana Headley Saunders ’87

“I give because someone gave to support me.”

Douglas Zipes ’61 MED’62

“As an international student, I was touched by the call from a fellow alum, Jim Rager ’71, to support a fund for talented international students to attend Dartmouth. This kind of personal action is what makes our community so strong. I encourage others to give in support of a global, diverse student community. Thank you, Jim, for leading!”

Aassia Haroon Haq ’96

“Dartmouth created the best possible pathway into a career and set of life experiences beyond what I could have ever imagined. I feel grateful for the education, the opportunities, and, most importantly, the friendships that have lasted a lifetime.”

Allison Bailey ’87

“I was just admitted to Dartmouth in the fall. I am so honored and excited to join this community.”

Kiki Rosenthal ’26

“I give because Dartmouth changed my life. It opened my eyes up to the world.”

Tamara Gomez-Ortigoza ’21

“I give because women in leadership change the world through courage, compassion, and creativity.”

Elisabeth Gracie Kim ’25

“I spent many hours in Dartmouth Hall, in language and literature classes. In one course on modern French drama in the basement, Professor Rassias went into a performance that involved fulminating, ripping his shirt, and ultimately throwing a chair into the audience of the lecture hall. I happened to be sitting near the front, accompanied by my black Lab. ‘J'ai cogné le chien? (Did I hit your dog?),’ he asked, somewhat nonchalantly, as the dust settled. It still makes me laugh.”

Edward Hampton ’87

“I believe it is important to give back to those institutions that have helped me grow as a person so that they can continue to help others.”

Alec Ostrow ’78

“I treasure my time at Dartmouth. I graduated in 1995, and my daughter is following in my footsteps and will graduate in 2025.”

David D. Yuan ’95

“I am a member of the Class of 1970 and have supported for many years Dartmouth's leadership role in U.S. and world education. Dartmouth shaped my life in many ways, including that I met my future wife, who attended Dartmouth as a co-ed student from Wellesley College.”

Leland Badger ’70

“I give to honor the memories of those who lifted me up and gave me the tools to succeed in my endeavors.”

Matthew Putnam ’74 MED’77

“I give to show my appreciation for the foundational life experience that Dartmouth gave me.”

Paul Elmlinger ’80

“My ‘Dartmouth experience’ has influenced me positively all of my life since then. I am grateful for the education, confidence, and, equally important, friendships.”

Carol Gieg ’79

“College should be affordable to all students, and I have a particular interest in assuring that Native American students are able to attend—I think the College's commitment is something to be proud of and should be enhanced.”

Joshua Greenberg ’86

“The Dartmouth experience and the incredible friends I made while there helped me find my voice. I am filled with gratitude.”

Lindsay MacIndoe ’01

“I give to support the mission of education in a true sense of universal learning.”

Amy L. Ladd ’80

“Some of my fondest memories and many of my dearest friends are from my time at Dartmouth, for which I am forever grateful. It has also been fun for me to accompany my daughter through her years as a Dartmouth student.”

Judith Osher ’78

“I gave in memory of a dear friend, classmate, and leader, Kathy Marshall, who tragically left us all too early. She was a leader while at Dartmouth and an inspiration to many of us. We will all deeply miss her.”

Julie Levenson ’84

“My four years at Dartmouth were among the most special of my life.”

Chitra Narasimhan ’92

“The Donald Claflin Jewelry Studio was an important resource for me and the beginning of my career as an architect. Erling Heistad was a wonderful and kind teacher.”

Cary S. Bernstein ’84

“I give to support exceptional students who would not otherwise be able to attend Dartmouth.”

Michael Francis Burke ’80

“I feel enormous gratitude for the financial aid I received when I attended Dartmouth.”

Frank Wohl ’63

“My father, Parke H. Sickler ’51 TU’54, loved Dartmouth from entering in the fall of 1947 to his passing September 6, 2020. He loved the Tuck Business School, Beta Theta Pi, Casque & Gauntlet as well as baseball and football. Parke made various gifts and donations to Dartmouth for nearly 75 consecutive years. Parke left an amazing and eternal legacy, and I’m so proud to be one of his four children. From sitting on his shoulders at the Dartmouth-Princeton football showdown in 1965 to hockey games, bonfires, and much more. He gave to all and made a profound and positive impact for all those who knew him. In 250 years of Dartmouth College, no one loved the school more than my father. Go, Green and Semper Fi!"

Scott Sickler

“Dartmouth made a great difference in my life. This is to support those yet to come.”

Michael Levitan ’78

“Dartmouth changed the life of my late husband, Michael Groden. He veered from math to study English after taking a course with Professor Peter Bien. Bien introduced Mike to James Joyce’s Ulysses. Michael went on to become a distinguished James Joyce scholar.”

Molly Peacock W’69

“Among many reasons, I have such fond memories of Paul Zeller and the Dartmouth Glee Clubs.”

Tom Ostertag ’78

“Rowing on the Connecticut River in Hanover is a life-changing experience.”

Townsend Zwart ’86

“I give to support a college that supported me at an economically fragile time in my life.”

Brian Lawler ’72

“I came to France on a Foreign Study Program 50 years ago, met my French ‘sister,’ elder daughter of my host family, and we married two years later and moved to France three years after that. Forty-five years and counting. Round the girdled earth we roam...”

Steve Swinscoe ’72

“Dartmouth gave me the confidence to know I could do anything.”

Marisa Howe ’98

“My Language Study and Foreign Study terms were two of my most rewarding experiences as a student. The opportunities for exploration and learning are almost unlimited.”

Peter Prims ’77

“Even though I graduated more than 30 years ago, my best friends and many of my best life memories are from my years at Dartmouth. I am pleased to have interviewed applicants every year since graduation.”

Andy Wilson ’88

“Dartmouth helped me discover who I was and who I wanted to become! I am eternally grateful!”

Sara Weiss ’96

“Joining the Class of ’82’s efforts to do something positive to counteract ongoing entrenched discrimination against Black and African Americans.”

Peter Heim ’82 GR’84

“I give because I remember what it was like to come from a family that could not financially support my Dartmouth experience. I worked 30+ hours per week while majoring in history and taking my premed requirements. Dartmouth provided me with significant financial support, making it possible for me to thrive. I LOVE DARTMOUTH and do my part to ensure the next student has similar financial support so they can create their own amazing Dartmouth experience!”

Nicole Haig ’95

“I give for many reasons, but one of them is the relationships I forged with so many incredible women. They inspire me, especially my friend Dr. Dianna Rynkiewicz; although she is no longer with us, she is the embodiment of a strong, intelligent, engaging, compassionate, and adventurous Dartmouth Woman. Dartmouth allowed us to be our best selves, and to share our hopes and dreams with other dynamic and lovable women.”

Cary Plamondon ’84

“I give in gratitude of everything Dartmouth gave to me and has meant to me, my family, and my life.”

Joseph Prokop ’76

“Education does not only happen in the classroom; that is why I support Dartmouth Athletics.”

William Nisen ’73

“I give for my love for Dartmouth.... and the importance of women at Dartmouth. Now that I have my own daughter there, it feels even better!”

Shannon Crockett Kates ’91

“I believe in a more just, fair, and equitable world, and Dartmouth plays an integral role in shaping that future.”

Andrew Klein ’08

“I received financial aid for my medical education and will always appreciate those who gave to help me complete my studies.”

Cathy Paige MED’82

“Dartmouth shaped me into the person I am. I was on my own for the first time, learned a lot, and met my husband and father of our children.”

Jaclyn Taub ’05

“I give because Dartmouth has given me amazing connections and opportunities that I want the next generation to have.”

Jana Landon ’11

“I give because I want to support the inclusion of the African and African American experience in all aspects of education at Dartmouth and other academic institutions.”

Sarah Corley ’82

“I have been giving more to Dartmouth lately, including supporting the rehab of Dartmouth Hall, where I attended a lot of classes, making unrestricted annual gifts, and putting Dartmouth in my will, joining the Barlett Tower Society. I have always loved Dartmouth, and enjoy showing my appreciation. I am also mentoring a first-gen student who I interviewed for Dartmouth and am happy to say he is doing very well. I volunteer with first-gen students helping them apply to college, and enjoy guiding them.”

Laura Davis ’82

“Dartmouth welcomed me as a naive freshmen, taught me the value of reading, writing, trying new things, and listening to others. Dartmouth launched me as a woman with a love for lifelong learning and a desire to give others a similar experience. Some of my dearest friends are classmates. Thank you, Dartmouth.”

Kristin Carlock ’88

“We give in memory of our friend Maureen Ellinwood Pluvinage ’03, who loved Dear Old Dartmouth with all her heart.”

Kala Sherman-Presser ’03

“I give because I’m deeply grateful for my Dartmouth education and for the support I received to graduate without much debt. I want to provide support so others can have the same opportunity without regard to financial need.”

Angela M. Crossman ’94

“I’m eternally grateful for my Dartmouth experience.”

Howard Reichart ’68 TH’69

“Dartmouth created a path and represents a powerful ally in our future world.”

Kihara R. Kiarie ’96

“My husband Bob always supported Dartmouth over the years. The arts were a central part of our lives, and I know he would appreciate the opportunity to directly support the Hop and help continue the important part that it plays in the cultural and social life of Dartmouth students.”

Deidre O’Flaherty W’70

“Participating in the sailing team on Lake Mascoma remains one of my most treasured memories from my time in Hanover.”

Spencer Garrett ’96

“I give because I want a black or brown child to look up in the math, computer, or science classroom and see a face that resembles them. That in turn gives them the confidence to say, ‘I can be that. NO, I WILL BE THAT!’”

Makishma Cabo ’96

“My time at Dartmouth was a life-changing experience for me. I believe The Call to Lead will drive the College to its full potential and provide the best education to our students.”

Yue Ling Chiu ’00

“Dartmouth golf was a great experience for me, and I hope my contribution helps today’s team members benefit in the same ways I did.”

Clair Grant ’71

“I majored in the DOC. I’m still active in the outdoors, still providing support to current students as an advisor to the Woodsmen’s Team.”

Kevin Peterson ’82

“Access to the outdoors was a major driver in my decision to attend medical school at Dartmouth. The Skiway has provided me with many evening skis, shared among classmates and friends, validating my decision to choose Dartmouth. I’m giving because I want the Skiway to continue to be a source of balance and restoration for students in the future.”

Deborah Furman MED’22

“I used to teach skiing at the Skiway as an undergrad. Fantastic experience and it led me to becoming a part-time ski instructor on the weekends at Okemo once I graduated.”

Jeffrey Becker ’96

“I am a big believer in the importance of good mental health. To see a classmate make this commitment inspired me to support the effort.”

William Tovell ’96

“I started skiing at a young age, and it was a family activity that began when my father learned to ski at Dartmouth in the 1930s. Skiing is so integral to the identity of the College and the quality of life in the Upper Valley. Supporting the Skiway helps ensure that it can continue to be a vital asset for the College and the community.”

John Engelman ’68

"I am so grateful to have had the good fortune of being a student at Dartmouth! And it was where I gained a lifelong love for skiing. Incidentally, tuition and skiing were both a financial strain for me. Having worked in the ski industry for many years, I know first-hand how tough it is financially! If I can help—even a little bit—those who work and play in the industry, it feels good."

Don Cole ’69

“The Kings and the college have been very generous with my scholarship, but helping others doesn't have to wait till graduation.”

Janel Perez ’22

“Buddy Teevens is the Best College Football Coach in the country. His program excels in all of the right ways: ethically, student-athlete welfare, innovation, and on-field performance. I’m proud to be associated with such a classy effort.”

Rick Gerardi ’74

“My Dartmouth experience opened so many doors for me. I think it's important for me to make sure the institution endures and that I open doors for others.”

Sindhura Kodali ’08

“Dartmouth was a wonderful experience for me, as well as for my kids. I want to keep that experience available to others.”

Julia Geer ’75

“Dartmouth is an immensely wealthy and ambitious institution. Its undergraduates are privileged in ways they may not fully appreciate for years to come. However, not all possess the financial resources to get them through their ever-more-costly Dartmouth experience, beyond scholarship support. Sometimes even a few hundred dollars can make a critical difference to a student confronted with necessary and unexpected expenses. The College's Student Expenses Support Fund recognizes and addresses this need, and is worthy of its alumni's support.”

Samuel C. Dixon ’81

“Dartmouth helped me see the kind of impact I could have on those around me simply by being my authentic self. As a girl from the projects, I can’t imagine a more precious gift.”

Hoi Ning Ngai ’00

“My Dartmouth experience shaped me into the person I am today in so many ways. Faculty, like Half Zantop, helped me make connections with my passions such as my love of rock climbing and geology. Coaches challenged me to push myself more than I ever could imagine. The friendships I made have lasted a lifetime. This was truly one of the best times of my life.”

Nina Cook Silitch ’94

“As a former international student, I know I could not have attended Dartmouth without need-based financial aid. Therefore, I realize how critical it is.”

Mandar M. Pendse Th’04

“I was drawn to Dartmouth because I saw in my father and brother the ability to think critically and wanted that same capability for myself. Dartmouth helped me achieve that goal and I want to facilitate that critical skill for others. That is why I have given to the College every year since I graduated. And based on how the United States has evolved during my lifetime, the need for more people with skills in critical thinking has only increased. Thank you, Dartmouth.”

Robert Rosenblum ’73 Tu’75

“Dartmouth was a very different place for women in 1975 when I arrived as a freshman—not all that hospitable. I vowed that if I ever had daughters they would never go there. But 20 years later, the landscape was vastly different and for the better! The place had evolved—and both my daughters came and conquered. I am forever grateful for the high bar set by Dartmouth.”

Miriam Shire ’79

“I give to ensure others can live the Dartmouth dream!”

Jessica Chiriboga ’24

“My everyday life is enriched by an inspiring backdrop of Dartmouth memories. Many of my favorites wind up and down the staircases and hidden passageways of the Hopkins Center—past the workshops and art studios, through practice rooms, rehearsal halls, and Spaulding Auditorium, always reinforcing my love of music and art. Giving to the Coast Jazz Ensemble is my small payback to ensure others can share that same rich experience.”

Glenn A. Grube ’82 Th’83

“The only way we were able to attend Dartmouth was because of the generosity of her alums. And so that's why we give, so that others will have the same opportunities we were given as students.”

John Barros ’96 and Tchintcia Barros ’00

“Dartmouth is a special place. I give so that others may receive a life-changing educational experience.”

Kenneth L. Mickens ’76

“My daughter and I both attended Dartmouth. I had many great memories of Dartmouth Hall during the pursuit of my Spanish literature degree. One thing that I do remember was that Dartmouth Hall could have been better for the programs offered there. This is my contribution to the language programs and the memory of Professor Rassias, who inspired me to become a Spanish TA. I’m also proud that Dartmouth welcomed my daughter and allowed me to attend at least one class together with her in Dartmouth Hall. This gift expresses my family’s gratitude for the educations we both received there. It’s also a testament to our commitment to the education of women at our alma mater.”

Eric C. Taylor ‘84 & Haley A. Taylor ‘19

“Paying forward the generosity of prior alumni donors who enabled me to attend Dartmouth.”

Vikram Krishnan ’98

“The lone pine above her and the loyal sons who love her.”

Charles Mathias ’68 MED’70

“My experiences at Dartmouth and the connections I made there have shaped who I am and what I do in more ways that I can describe. I want to be sure that financial constraints do not keep others away from those invaluable experiences.”

Katie Wade ’01

“So proud to be part of the Big Green. Dartmouth continues to inspire and lead in countless ways. I want to make sure others have a chance to experience this magical place.”

Andy Russell ’88

“I know my Dartmouth experience was made possible by those who came before me. I intend to pay it forward and have given every year since graduation.”

Carrie Kuss Denning ’96

“Dartmouth gave me a scholarship for my four years, so this is a chance to give back so future students can have the same support.”

Edward Gingras ’64

“I believe strongly in a liberal arts education, and there is no finer place to get that than Dartmouth.”

Greg Fisher ’75

“I give because, unlike when I was on campus, there are now out and visible resources for LGBTQ+ students, staff, and faculty. Just a few include Triangle House, targeted LGBTQ+ scholarships, and academic programs such as Dartmouth Consortium of Studies in Race, Migration and Sexuality—an interdisciplinary research and teaching initiative aimed at deepening social and cultural analyses of worlds and works shaped by the colonial and transnational force of migration, race a sexuality. By targeting my contributions to these current resources on campus, I can help improve the lives of LGBTQ+ students, staff and faculty on campus now and going forward into the future. I regret these resources were not available when I was at Dartmouth in the 1970s.”

Rob Saltzman ‘76

“Persistence matters. If value were only dollars, then my contributions are barely a footnote. But continued giving reminds me that is still more to do. And maybe I'll catch up in that other column eventually.”

David Reiser ’78

“I lived in Fayerweather, across from Dartmouth Hall, my freshman year. Dartmouth Hall was a significant part of my emotional and visual memory of Dartmouth. I hope many students can enjoy Dartmouth as much as I did.”

Willemijn de Clercq ’89

“My four years at Dartmouth connected me to some of the most dedicated, accomplished, and entertaining educators and classmates anywhere. I still enjoy their company and revel in their accomplishments. Without a doubt it changed the course of my life.”

Kathryn S. Chanin ’89

“I’ve always been grateful for the financial aid I received from Dartmouth, making it possible for me to be a Dartmouth student, which has been the foundation for my life ever since.”

Sara Wiener ’95

“Dartmouth Hall is literally and metaphorically at the heart of the Dartmouth identity. It stands tall and ready to welcome future students of promise and dreams. I feel so lucky and proud to have learned in its classrooms.”

Margaret Frazier ’87

“I’m proud to support our student-athletes.”

Robert Lider ’71

“I have given to Dartmouth for the last 32 years, and it is a privilege to do it again.”

John Lobitz ’67

Dartmouth is the most critical aspect of my personal and professional success. I began college on the back of financial aid coming from a modest background with no connections. I met my wife on campus and our three kids will grow up with unlimited opportunities thanks to Dartmouth. Nothing has contributed to our success more than the College and we plan to pay it forward for the rest of our lives.

Justin Martini ’05

I went to Dartmouth with no social or academic confidence. I was also one of very few students of Asian descent. I got a great education, received support, guidance and friendship, and did not have a single unpleasant experience. I wish everyone could have this kind of experience.

Christopher Hu ’69 Th’70

The present moment, with its pandemic and racial unrest, has highlighted the persistent inequalities in our society more than any time in my memory. I have specified financial aid because I want to give those who may have had less opportunity in life a chance to learn and lead us to a better society.

Paul Hemmerich ’71

I give so young men and women—especially those of African descent with limited resources—have the opportunity to receive all that a Dartmouth education offers, just as I did.

Abike James ’92

Educating foreign students in America improves the chances for greater understanding and better relations between the US and other countries as those students achieve leadership in their societies.

John Keane ’66

The singular value of my Dartmouth education has always been that I learned how to learn. At times like the present, that value has never been greater since it is the key to resilience and reinvention during periods of challenge or crisis. Thank you to Dartmouth and all the peers who offered me guidance, insight, and support.

James Cioban ’79 Gr’81

I learned to be an activist at Dartmouth building shanties on the Green to oppose apartheid. I learned about women's issues through great professors like Mary Kelly. I made great friends.

Geeta Anand ’89

I was lucky. I didn't need financial assistance when I was at Dartmouth. But many students who are very bright and deserving need financial assistance. I just want to help them out when I can.

William Beers ’68

The world needs to come together as a community; and the Dartmouth community can perhaps help to show the way.

Daniel Bort ’68

Dartmouth taught me I could be me. That’s an invaluable gift that no amount of money could repay.

Alexandra Meise ’01

I give to honor the staff at Dick’s House, who have done an amazing job taking care of the students living on campus this term.

Professor Lisa Baldez

Now more than ever we need to support Dartmouth as it continues educate and inspire the leaders, scientists, thinkers, organizers and activists of tomorrow who will provide the exceptional intellect, commitment and vision we need to overcome the extraordinary challenges all are facing now and will in the years to come.

W. Kyle Gore ’84

I know there are students in need of financial assistance right now. If I’m in a position to help, even in a small way, I want to be there for my extended Dartmouth family.

Max Samuels ’15

I love Dartmouth and I want every single Dartmouth student to love Dartmouth as much as I do

Patty Shepard ’83

I came to Dartmouth as a pretty much full-scholarship student from a low-income background. Dartmouth changed the trajectory of my life. So, I really want to help other students on their journey.

Margo Miyashiro ’85

Other generous Dartmouth alumni, none known personally to me, provided the financial aid resources that my hard-working parents and I needed, so that I could enroll at Dartmouth. I owe it to those alumni to pay it forward. I donate in their honor and in honor of my late parents, who sacrificed everything they had to educate my brother and me.

Michael Fay ’71

My family could not afford to send me to Dartmouth without generous financial aid, and Dartmouth's need-blind admissions policy needs to be fostered and supported by alumni giving. Admitting the best students, regardless of ability to pay, is critical.

Sonny Allison ’95

My mother was one of the first female professors at Dartmouth and taught Classics in Dartmouth Hall. I am proud to be following in her footsteps and to be able to support Dartmouth in so many ways.

Barbara Will, A. and R. Newbury Professor of English

I give because undergraduate chemistry research at Dartmouth gave me a profession and changed my life.

Nobel Laureate K. Barry Sharpless ’63 H’95

I give because I am a low-income, Black student who has been given an amazing opportunity to attend an Ivy League school for four years on a full scholarship. I have made wonderful opportunities for myself through networking and meeting amazing mentors and peers. And I hope to inspire other low-income students to have faith and believe in the great possibilities waiting for them! Though I am still a student and have yet to change the world, I know I am one step closer to helping Dartmouth change the world for the better, especially for marginalized communities. Success is not given, but it is earned through hard work, perseverance, and determination. This is just the beginning!

Princilla Minkah ’21

As one of the women “pioneers,” I attended Dartmouth my senior year 1969-70 when Dartmouth was still an all-male college. I’m a proud Adopted Member of the Class of 1970. Glad to be a part of the Dartmouth women’s contribution to The Call to Lead.

Louise Weeks Thorndike, ’70a

We give to Dartmouth because of all it gives to our son! Small classes, big ideas, and a bonfire that cannot be beat!

Carol Anne Riddell & John Partilla P’23

I give to support all of our students in need at this turbulent time.

Associate Professor Sienna Craig

Without the financial-aid package I received, I would not have been able to attend Dartmouth, which was my dream school and shaped who I am both and what I am doing now, 17 years later. I support so others can also achieve their dreams.

Tatyana Venegas Swanson ’03

I give simply because I care and it’s the right thing to do.

Lawrence Roberts ’73

Kanani Kauka was a driving force in bringing awareness and understanding about divestment from South Africa while she was at Dartmouth. Her wisdom and passion for what was right will always be remembered.


The excellent education I got at Dartmouth helped ensure my professional success, and the friendships I made there continue to impact me today.

Mara Dinsmoor

I give in honor of my Dartmouth friends who, 40 years later, are still some of my closest friends.

Elizabeth Leggat

I'm inspired by the most kind, strong, and supportive woman in my life, my mother.


Dartmouth gave me a phenomenal education and lifelong friends. Who could ask for more?

F. Patricia Fisher

I love Dartmouth.

John Higginson

Dartmouth provided me with access and the tools to make significant strides in my professional career. I would not have made it this far without the world-class education that I received during my academic career. I feel a strong sense of duty and responsibility to help ensure that opportunity is made available for future generations of students.

Lauren Glover

I want to support Women at Dartmouth.

Christina Thompson

I love the stories embedded in the history of Dartmouth and am proud to contribute to sustaining this history of Dartmouth Hall.

Meredith Murphy

Dartmouth opened the world to me and gave me a desire to be the best me I can be.

Debra Roberson

I was a member of some of the worst baseball teams in Dartmouth's history. And yet as a group we remain close to this day decades after our days on the diamond came to a close. All of us have found success in our own ways and yet we continue to share a gift rarely found in today's "win at all cost" world - the gift of humility. May God continue to bless dear ol' Dartmouth and those who matriculate there for another 250 years. She'll keep you humble!

Brad "Boog" Blair

The experience I enjoyed at Dartmouth was affirming and transformative. I discovered my Call while at Dartmouth and this is, in part, why I feel Called to Lead.

Julie (Griffith) Meadows

Dartmouth was a wonderful experience for me. I had so many opportunities to learn, both in and out of the classroom.

Laurel Smith

My mother was a pioneer of women at Dartmouth, in the second class that admitted women, paving the way for all those who came after.

Kaethe Henning

I give because I have wonderful friends from Dartmouth that encourage me to give and live well. Also I benefit from living near Dartmouth and appreciate the arts, sports, intellectual engagement, Women of Dartmouth Upper Valley and the multicultural campus community.


I gave so that the collective contribution of the Women of Dartmouth wouldn’t be forgotten. I gave to give a voice to the Women of Dartmouth - past, present and future!

Quave Burton

I give to be honored in Dartmouth Hall as a woman.


I loved my time at Dartmouth. As a history major, I spent many hours in Dartmouth Hall. I made lifelong friends and the wonderful education I received there enabled me to chose my own path forward in life. It continues to open doors for me. When I returned to campus recently for an admissions tour with my daughter - having sat through many at other outstanding colleges and universities - it was easy to see why I chose Dartmouth 30 years ago, and I would choose it again in a heartbeat.

Victoria Kanaley

A generous alum provided me with almost a full scholarship at a time when my family could not afford to send me to college. He changed my life forever. Dartmouth is always in my heart.

Jennifer L. Moore

I give because in spite of the deep pain I suffered at Dartmouth, I am deeply grateful for the education and the wisdom and the meaningful connections it has brought to me.


Dartmouth shaped me into the person I am and provided the environment to build life-long friendships with amazing people.

Michelle Duster

My experience as a student-athlete at Dartmouth, and my volunteer experience since graduating have inspired my giving. Additionally, the opportunity to be part of the unique alumnae-funded Dartmouth Hall renovation inspired me to give.

Cherie Comeau

Dartmouth has given me skills and knowledge to become successful in life, enabling me to give back to others with a sense of purpose.


I give to preserve an emblem of Dartmouth, a place where past, present, and future students have and will be able to continue to learn and grow. I hope the newly renovated Dartmouth Hall will be as cherished by future students as it was by myself.


My Dartmouth experience is one that I look back fondly on. Not only did I receive a quality education and expand my ability to think and analyze, but I also made wonderful friends and developed a network for life. More importantly, I found my voice there and, for that, I will ever be grateful.

Kimberly Malone '92

I give to ensure Black Women are loved, acknowledged and included in the voice of Dartmouth past, present and future.

Simone A. (McIntosh) Nicholas '92

Dartmouth gave me a true family and home for four years and now beyond. I love this place so deeply because of how it helped me grow, the wonderful friends it brought me, and the experience and education it gave me. Thank you, Dartmouth.

Acacia D. Hoisington

As a former tour guide I would tell people on my tour about the night Dartmouth Hall burned down and alumni came together to raise more than enough money to rebuild. Now it's my turn!


Dartmouth helped me establish a strong sense of my values by connecting me to the place, caring professors, and opportunities to dig into real-world problems.


Graduating from Dartmouth was one of the reasons that I was accepted into Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons. Everyone in my medical school class graduated from an Ivy League. Later, as a surgery resident, I trained at Princeton University Medical Center. Now, I can proudly say that I am one of the only triple-Ivy League educated Board Certified Plastic Surgeons. And the truth is, it all started with Dartmouth--I never would have been where I am, without Dartmouth.

Arthur Desrosiers III, M.D.

I give because I love Dartmouth!

Melinda W. Fuller

I give to inspire future generations of women at Dartmouth.

Nicole Velez

I give because I love Dartmouth. I know that it helped shape me into the person that I have become. I have wonderful memories, even greater friends and an incredible education for which I am forever grateful. I give to Dartmouth so that the college can provide a love to learn to other women like me. They too will have the opportunity to have the “Granite of NH in their muscles and their brains.”

Dina Galvin ‘89 ‘93

Dartmouth changed my life - my time at Tuck shaped me into the person I am today, and has given me access to opportunities I could not have imagined growing up in rural Ireland in a school of 14 kids (total).

J Saoirse Brown

Most of my favorite people on earth are Dartmouth grads. I have friendships from my time there and friendships that I have made after leaving Hanover. I feel truly lucky to have attended Dartmouth because of these friendships.


I give because I believe future Women of Dartmouth deserve the same opportunities I had to thrive at our college on the hill.

Regan Plekenpol

I give to complete the circle of giving I benefitted from while I was a student at Dartmouth.

Kaia Borgen Moritz

I give to Dartmouth in honor of the alums before me who supported the school they loved and helped me to have the incredible academic and athletic experience I had. I also give hoping future Dartmouth students have an even better experience.

Martha Boss Bennett ‘89

I give to support women alums!

Sarah Jacobson

Ellie Mahoney Loughlin inspired my support of this particular campaign. Her tireless work on behalf of Dartmouth is awe inspiring. I might not have known about the Dartmouth Hall Renovation project except that I saw her Facebook post. Thanks for all you do, Ellie!

Betsy Aldrich

I gave in memory of a fellow NAD who passed away this year.


I received a fantastic education at Dartmouth.

Kathryn Selig Brown

The call for women to join together to support this cause resonates so strongly for me... my Dartmouth friendships, especially my female friendships, have been a large part of my life for the past 40 years. My friends inspire me with their accomplishments, motivate me with their energy and ideas, support me when I need advice or counsel, rejoice in each other’s lives. If one of us asks, we all respond.


My years at Dartmouth were formative and will always remain an important part of my life.

Christina Goodridge

I love the College!


Dartmouth Hall is such an iconic hall and so integrated into my Dartmouth memories as my freshman dorm was in Mid-Fayerweather. I will always associate my Dartmouth experience with stepping out of Mid-Fayerweather with Dartmouth Hall before me, breathing in the crisp air (wishing I had taken the time to actually blow dry my hair), then heading off to classes.

Debbie Beliveau

Dartmouth has opened doors through every avenue of my life - from my career to personal life. The world has become that much "smaller" because of my connections. My three kids now all want to go there. This year I'm choosing the research fund because my oldest daughter wants to go to Dartmouth and study science with the goal of either becoming a trauma surgeon or research scientist focused on biomedicine. She is very interested in research opportunities as part of her undergraduate experience.


I give because Dartmouth was definitely a road less travelled for a black woman of color who matriculated in the 70s. And it has made all the difference!

Jandel Allen-Davis, MD

Grateful for friendships formed with peers, for excellent academic program & challenges, and for the LSA program.


Dartmouth changed my life and gave me opportunities I wouldn't have had. I want to give back and help other students have this great experience.


Excited to contribute to the college's continued success in developing the leaders of tomorrow.

Marie-Hélène Thibeault

I give so that someone else’s dream may live.


I give to support women at Dartmouth.

Sheila Kay Cooper

What Dartmouth gave me—the friends, the experiences, the education, the relationships with professors—shaped my life so much for the good. Dartmouth provided access to a path which would not have been possible without her. For this I am and have been extremely grateful. It is the most natural thing to give in response to gratitude and appreciation.

Beth Johnston Stephenson

Dartmouth changed my life. My Dartmouth experience showed me the way to a whole wide world full of interesting opportunities, places & people and it gave me lifelong friends. Being in one of the first coed classes ('78) gave me useful lessons in how to navigate and operate effectively in the real world.

Jackie Kaiko '78

I am the first from my mother's side, who is 1/16 Native American, to attend college and am born from an immigrant father from Iran where women's rights are lacking, so this call to action from Dartmouth women really speaks to me. I would not be who I am today if it weren't for Dartmouth. The invaluable liberal arts education I received and the everlasting friendships I have made fill my soul. Dartmouth Hall was where I found some of my most inspiring classes and professors. I will be eternally grateful for my time spent there and hope that others will as well.

Sheila Bassiri Ahmed

Dartmouth College helped me to learn how to deal with seemingly impossible obstacles. I wanted to leave my mark on the institution that left an indelible mark on my life.

Renita Hall

Dartmouth gave me so much I feel it is my duty to give back any way I can.


I give to honor each and every African American woman or woman of African descent who was ever admitted to Dartmouth.

Regina Speed-Bost ‘87

I am forever grateful for my Dartmouth education and friends.

Ellen Sullivan Sen

I give to empower women at Dartmouth.


The first from her tribe to go to college, Stacey Coverdale hoped to go to law school and one day become the first female judge of the Shinnecock tribal council. She is loved and remembered by all those lucky enough to call her Friend.

Dana Beard

I give to support the development of the College on the Hill that has given me an unforgettable four years.


I give to continue the tradition that helped make my Dartmouth experience affordable...supporting current students, with the hope that Dartmouth will help achieve more equity in our society by recruiting and supporting lower-income students and rural students, and motivating them to "improve the human condition."

Peter Hofman

As an International student and a woman of color, I want to help shape the future of Dartmouth and make sure the College continues to be welcoming, diverse, and inclusive, for all of our students.

Qian Zhang

As an Olympic athlete, I chose Dartmouth in the hope of balancing my goals of becoming one of the best luge athletes in the world, while at the same time receiving a world-class education. I achieved both and loved every moment of my Dartmouth experience.

Cameron Myler

I give to say thank you for the wonderful education I received and hope that many more generations of women have this same experience.


Dartmouth was magical for me. I want it to be magical for others.

Allison Kate Miller

I give because Dartmouth helped me believe that "I CAN."

Crishuana Williams

I want to be a part of a greater legacy of women. And a few years from now, I want to know I was a part of paying that legacy forward.

Kendall Milender

As a member of the first class of women, I learned resiliency in the face of a difficult chapter in the College's history. This resiliency propelled me through medical school and into a fulfilling work life. For this, I am grateful.

Brita Reed

I couldn’t have experienced Dartmouth without the generous financial aid I received. So, I pay it forward.

Jere Mancini

I give because Dartmouth gave me the opportunity to give. Due largely in part to my Dartmouth experience, I am now able to hold my head high and make my wildest dreams come true.

Leslie E. Thomas

I give to keep Dartmouth growing and improving with the hope that the coming generations of Dartmouth students will have as wonderful an experience (or even better) than I did!

Amy Feldmann

Dartmouth College gave me a home thousands of miles away from home. It gave me a community that allowed me to grow and thrive, and a family that led me to accept a position as a current employee of the college.

Zoe Leonard

As a language major, I had classes in Dartmouth Hall just about every term. It’s a special building, iconic even, for those of us fortunate enough to learn there.


Dartmouth has given me better friends, family, and experiences than I had ever imagined.

Sunny Tang

I want the world to be a better place for all beings.


Alumni gifts funded more than half of my Dartmouth education - an education on which you really can't put a dollar sign. I am forever grateful and will forever give back where and when I can.


I want to pay forward to the Dartmouth Experience of others.


I give because that voice crying out in the wilderness is my voice. I give so that everyone will hear the voices of the women who explore that wilderness and the voice of the wild in all of us.

Lynn Noel

I give because Dartmouth will always be my happy place.

Mo Mac

I hope everyone in the Great Class of 1987 will donate just $87 in honor of our year to this project so that our iconic Dartmouth Hall can be brought to life for the use of the next generations of students!

Michele Cloutier ‘87

My daughter Edel D’22 called home yesterday to share that Cornell West is teaching her seminar on Racism and that only through feminine democracy are we going to save Mother Earth! We can not wait for Father Time to get things done and to protect and love one another and our planets.

Gretl Dupré

I give to ensure the beauty and promise of Dartmouth remains for generations of diverse students to come.

Myesha Jackson

I give to support the College.

Lisa Chau

I give to support the Dartmouth community and the opportunities it provided me and others.

Francesca Governali

I give because I know Dartmouth opened big doors for me.


I give in support of the many women of Dartmouth including my three sisters and niece. My father was a tremendous supporter of all of us and his alma mater.

Betsy Brew

I give to help others experience a great place to learn!

Christine Gates

Dartmouth gave me the experience of a lifetime. I grew up commuting by subway to school every day in NYC. It was truly a special four years to be in such a close-knit campus and being able to devote myself to learning, growing as a person, and meeting amazing new people. I’ll never forget my four years there and I’ll always be grateful for the generosity of this school, which allowed me to graduate debt free.


Richer in mind, body and soul for the Dartmouth experience.


Dartmouth changed my life, opened my world and introduced me to friends for life. It is an honor to support this effort.

Shari Hubert

I give because Dartmouth has given me so much, not only all the years that I was there but every year since through lifelong friendship, a powerful global community, and an unmatched education and preparation.

Sarah Hoit

I was in the first class of graduating women (1973). I never dreamed I would be so lucky as to have two daughters attend Dartmouth. Each share my love of this truly unique College.

Susan Gordon

Love the idea that women are taking the lead on this initiative. As a member of one of the earlier classes, it feels really powerful to be a part of saving a historical, iconic building which, when built, would never have anticipated women entering it, much less being its savior. I am so grateful for my Dartmouth education and the wonderful sisterhood it has created; happy to be able to give back.

Carol Davis

I witness every day that it is still difficult to persuade young women than they can achieve equal to or beyond their male peers. Sometimes women do work that should vault them beyond, and are still under-recognized. We should acknowledge always the need for safe, beautiful spaces for women (and men) to learn. I support Dartmouth's increasing success at being such.

Grace M. McGorrian

Dartmouth's liberal arts education allowed me to double major and study interdisciplinary fields. This contributed importantly to my ability to make a successful transition, from a financial investments career to pursuing a second act in a very different field: clinical psychology. Nowadays, I am dedicated to supporting and providing psychological services, mental health outreach, multiculturalism, diversity and inclusivity efforts. I am inspired to support others, in their educational pursuits, learning, and in discovering how they want to make meaningful difference in the world.

Dr. Cindy Lin

It is hard to pinpoint one moment, class, person, or experience that shaped my experience at Dartmouth. It is a collection of all of those things, and at any time, one might be more prominent than the other. But in terms of an image, a representation, of this excellent college, Dartmouth Hall stands out at the centerpoint. To paraphrase the words of one of my favorite professors, Bill Slesnick, Dartmouth teaches students how to think. That will resonate with me forever.

Davida (Sherman) Dinerman

Dartmouth is home.

Leah Threatte '01

My parents are immigrants to this country. I am an ‘87. My niece is an ‘11 and my daughter is a ‘21. We are a family of Dartmouth Women. May this tradition continue as we make Dartmouth a better place for all.

Julie Hubble ‘87

I am a member of the great Class of 1976. I grew up in Wisconsin, but from the moment I arrived on campus in September of 1972, I felt like I was Home. After graduating from Tuck in 1979, I lived in Chicago for a few years, but then moved back to the Hanover area and have been here ever since. My daughter, Hillary Joy Beach, is an '09. My husband, Terry Osborne, teaches in Dartmouth's ENVS department. We all celebrate Dartmouth's sense of place and cherish the beautiful natural world that surrounds it.

Mary Kay Beach '76 T'79

I believe that where I give reflects what I value. I value my education. I value my memories created at Dartmouth. I value lessons taught by Professor Irene Kacandes and Professor Catherine Randall in Dartmouth Hall.

Mary DiGeronimo Fletcher

I give because I love Dartmouth and had an amazing experience.


I was able to attend Dartmouth thanks to its generous financial aid. I am forever grateful to the College and want to give back, especially to help students like me, who couldn't attend a place like Dartmouth without generous financial aid.


The iconic Dartmouth Hall played a central role in my Dartmouth education, as a Spanish major, and I have many fond memories of it. I would love to see it remain in all its glory for future generations of the Dartmouth community.

Margaret Layman

It was a great privilege to be among the first classes of women at Dartmouth. I discovered so much about my God-given purpose and ability to make a difference "round the girdled earth".

Annie Vogt McCune

Dartmouth was a GREAT education!


As my kids prepare to apply to college, it makes me think about why I applied to Dartmouth and why it holds such a special place in my heart. I made lifetime friends at Dartmouth. I learned to think broadly, to tackle problems creatively, and to express my thoughts both in writing and verbally, clearly. I have had a variety of careers, and the skills I gained at Dartmouth have helped me to succeed in each. I tell my kids that my hope for them as they seek the college that is best for them is that they find a place that will feel like home forever.


Dartmouth set me off on a path to success in all areas of my life. I made lasting friendships and Reunions continue to remind me of the special bond all of us Dartmouth grads share! We are a fun group, especially Class of ‘89!

Brigid Herrick '89

I am deeply grateful for my Dartmouth education. The knowledge, skills and wisdom I drew from Dartmouth combined with the wide and deep Dartmouth alumni network have opened doors and created opportunities for me to impact social change and do the work I love.

Kim Anstatt Morton '91

As one of the most historic buildings on campus, it's vitally important to maintain Dartmouth Hall for the use and enjoyment of all. I have fond memories of language study classes there.

Kim Rosenau York

I give in gratitude for the wonderful friends I have from my undergraduate years, and appreciation for the fact that my life is continuously enriched by my interactions with members of the Dartmouth family.

Jennifer Hughes '79

I gave this time because dear Dartmouth sisters are uniting and pulling each other up and off the sidelines to care for an old friend: Dartmouth Hall. This old friend is also the most iconic building on campus.

Mary Green

I give to perpetuate the opportunities afforded me and promote continued growth.

Lisa Kahn

I give because Dartmouth provided me with not only a second home, but opportunities and friendships that have lasted my whole life. I want to honor the legacy of my fellow Dartmouth alums and provide the same experience for generations going forward.

Susie Hizar

My father Charles Drake was a professor at Dartmouth and shared his love for the College with our family. When I attended Dartmouth in the 1980s, I felt as if opportunity was open to all regardless of gender, race, religion, or orientation. My daughter in the class of '19 felt similarly and I hope my son will get the same experience if he attends next year.

Susannah Drake

My father was class of ‘52. My twin sister and I are class of 86. My son is class of 2022. While I loved my Dartmouth experience, there is no doubt that the school has changed for the better and become a nicer, warmer place than it ever was before.

Mimi Saker

As a woman of Dartmouth and as a beneficiary of the College's commitment to coeducation back in the mid-70s, I want to illustrate how dynamic institutions benefit from diversity both figuratively and literally.

Gina Barreca '79

I'm excited to support Dartmouth and all the amazing women who came before me, walked with me and will come after me!

Sue R. Levy

The impact that Dartmouth has had on the education of native professionals is unprecedented.

Mary Pavel

Our legacy is also important. We need to inspire future generations of African American students.

Angela Jordan ‘86

I want women to be acknowledged in Dartmouth’s history, and I especially want the contribution of Black women to be rightfully celebrated.

Erika H. Wentworth

Sandy Broadus and Monique Burns Thompson sent a message to women of color to contribute to the campaign with the idea of restoring Dartmouth Hall. I contribute in some way every year, but I was particularly moved by their message.

Moira RedCorn, D.O.

I give because my time at Dartmouth was one of the greatest experiences of my life. Additionally, Dartmouth has one of the most beautiful campuses I have ever seen. Donating to the renovation of Dartmouth Hall is almost a duty.


I am so proud of this school. How it has grown and supported my growth. The people and the mission are all working in service of the right things in this world.

Monique Burns Thompson

The amazing friends, mentors, and curiosity that I gained helped me become who I am today.

Rose Song Wang

Dartmouth helped me to grow into the person I am today.

Julie Zahniser

Dartmouth is a lifelong special community and place. The class of 1988 grows stronger together every year. Happy to join my classmates contributing to the restoration of Dartmouth Hall.

Liz Laszlo

I give so other women will have the opportunity to experience the myriad of opportunities Dartmouth has to offer.

Cynthia Terzakis Gakos

I believe in the Dartmouth experience.

David Steinberg

I give to continue the legacy of strong black women at Dartmouth: students, faculty and staff!

Sylvia Langford

Dartmouth has always been a place of pure possibility to me. Its rare magic should be available to the most deserving students around the world, not the ones most able to afford it. As an international student who relied on financial aid, I'm thrilled that Dartmouth will be offering need-blind admissions to students worldwide--and by doing so welcoming more bright sparks from all corners of the globe. A special place has found a way to be even more special. I'm eternally proud of you, Dartmouth!

Kimberley Tait Lowe '01

We have a daughter in her sophomore year, and making connections across disciplines has never been more important for the future of the world.

Steve and Bex Ragg

Over forty years later, I still have a vivid memory of elation as I drove up West Wheelock to the intersection of Main St and looked out across the Dartmouth quad for the first time. I was never disappointed, and consider those four years among the best of my life. I have gone many places and done many things, but Dartmouth is special to me. Although I have not been on campus in many years, the photos at the London Global Summit brought it all back in an instant. It is a small college, but there are those who [will always] love it.

Jay Alexander ‘83

I'm inspired by the increased commitment of Dartmouth/Tuck to Europe as exemplified at the Dartmouth at 250 Global Summit in London. Thank you very much for organizing. Let's make Dartmouth/Tuck an thought leader with an impact on the world.

Markus Koch

The people you meet and the lessons you learn in and out of the classroom stay with you throughout your life.

Judy Song

Smiling woman My peers were my Dartmouth experience: I owe so much of my continued personal and professional success to the formative experiences alongside my mind-blowingly impressive classmates. I give to Dartmouth to support the College’s ability to attract and recruit the most qualified, passionate, and high-potential high school students. The absolute best deserve to be—and should be—the Dartmouth of today and tomorrow.

Erin Lansky ’12

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I treasure my Dartmouth experience and my Dartmouth friendships.

Carol Shaw

Dartmouth has been the single biggest influence on my life: from meeting my wife, to meeting my best lifelong friends, to sending both of our children to Dartmouth. I also worked throughout my career with Dartmouth alums.

Curt Oberg

I was a student from Greece on financial aid, and it was already hard enough for my parents to meet my tuition fees, so I never even dared suggest LSA or FSP to them. However, I saw how transformed returning students were. Even though our world is virtually more connected now than back in the early '80s, I still think there is no substitute for human contact and interactions for broadening minds and lives, and I hope for more students to experience this and "roam the girdled Earth".

Paula Miller '85

Support off-campus study
Giving to the Dartmouth College Fund ensures that the Dartmouth experience is available to a wider group of students, students who will strengthen the Dartmouth community during their college years and beyond.

Steven Fried ’91 P’22

Education is the most important word in our language, in any language. It’s how we create leaders, grow our economy, and learn about other people, which nurtures peace. Education is the key to a better world.

Frank J. Guarini ’46

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Increasingly, America is divided by class and economic disparity. If I can help make Dartmouth more affordable for just one deserving student by supporting the Dartmouth College Fund, to me that's so important.

Peter Murane ‘87

As financial aid kids who both played varsity sports, we are proud to support both the College and our teams. 

Gary Rogers '77 & Jill Rogers '78

Dartmouth changed my life, opened up my world, introduced me to some of my best friends. I give so that other students can experience even a fraction of that magic, no matter where or what they came from.

Dawn Ellen Carey

A smiling woman stands on a tower balcony, with the campus below. I give because Dartmouth has given so much to me. I received financial aid all throughout college and want Dartmouth to continue to provide students with the opportunities to take full advantage of the Dartmouth experience.

Emma A. Mouzon ’18

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Financial aid helped me to attend Dartmouth so it is my pleasure and honor to give back to other students.

Kimberly DiTomasso

A smiling man wearing a suit in front of an urban skyline I was skimming an article in the Dartmouth Alumni Magazine about planned giving when I realized that adding Dartmouth to my will made perfect sense. Dartmouth will surely outlive me and when it does, I want my impact to live on through all the ways my bequest touches future students.

Nathan Bruschi ’10

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Giving back is a form of gratitude for everything Dartmouth gave me: my education, great experiences, cherished memories, and enduring friendships. To help facilitate this for others I believe is simply a way of saying thank you.

Stacy Branca '94

smiling woman outside I was a first-generation student on substantial financial aid. By making this gift, I hope I inspire other first-generation alumnae to support women students on financial aid. It was a huge stretch for me to go to Dartmouth, a very big sacrifice that my parents made willingly, and not everybody has that opportunity.

Trudy M. Muller ’96

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I gave this year, for the first time ever to Dartmouth, because at this point in my life I appreciate several of the special aspects of the College and what they've meant in my life. Specifically, I gave to the John Rassias Study Abroad Fund and to the Dartmouth Outing Club because I think those are two endeavors that make Dartmouth unique.

Tony Jones '90

I came to the United States for the first time on a full scholarship.... Every opportunity that I’ve had has come from that original journey, that was made possible by Dartmouth. The idea that I want to contribute back to the College is a natural one for me.

 Aly Jeddy ’93

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I strongly believe that everybody deserves the opportunity to attend Dartmouth despite her/his country of origin and financial standing if she/he is a strong candidate who'll return more to Dartmouth in terms of diversity and international exposure.

Carlos Blanco

Gathering with classmates at Moosilauke is an influential experience in the lives of many Dartmouth students, and there was an opportunity for us to help, so it was an easy decision.

Brian Taylor P’18,’20

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I donate to the individual teams I am most interested in, but giving to the Athletic Sponsors program allows the athletic administration to put funds where they are most needed or have the most impact. I love when our major sports win, but I am just as proud when any of our teams excels.

Paul Killebrew '67

I give back to Dartmouth because Dartmouth needs me. Dartmouth needs all of us.

Richard "Stretch" Cloobeck '88

I give to Dartmouth because I want to make sure that current students have the same wonderful experience and opportunities that I did. Dartmouth is the enduring institution it is because of the rich diversity of its student body, and the support that those who attend get from alumni during—and well after—their time in Hanover. I make annual giving a priority so that new classes can learn and grow at Dartmouth, carrying on old traditions and creating new ones.

Ethan Weinberg ’12

I choose to give to the DCF because Dartmouth enriched and changed my life while a student and has been a source of engagement and pride ever since. I support Dartmouth’s commitment to 100% need-blind admissions and giving and volunteering for the DCF is critical to achieving this mission.

Nancy Obler Kaufman ’89 P’22

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