Why I Give

In the first of a regular series, donors share why they’ve made a gift to Dartmouth through The Call to Lead campaign.

Saying thanks, making the world a better place, remembering a departed friend—the inspiration behind donors’ gifts are varied and heartfelt. Here are a few examples of extraordinary donors and their gifts:

Saying Thanks by Giving to Athletics

Ken Rothchild ’50 TU’51 P’77 and his son, Ken Rothchild ’77


The Gift

The Kennon Rothchild Fund for Intramural Sports and the Kennon Rothchild Fund for Men’s Rugby

Its Purpose

To support Dartmouth’s intramural sports programs and men’s rugby team


“Dartmouth became my home beginning in my sophomore year. My family had split, with my mother supporting my younger brother and my older siblings supporting their own families. I was on my own. I became involved in managing intramural sports. I was paid for managing programs and for officiating sports. That provided a large part of my financial well-being from my sophomore year on.” —KEN ROTHCHILD ’50 TU’51

“My rugby teammates and the sport itself gave me some of the greatest moments of joy I had at Dartmouth. I have supported the club over the years, and I’m really grateful to have an opportunity to support it in a greater fashion through my father’s bequest.” —KEN ROTHCHILD ’77

Inspiring through the Power of Art

Elliot A. Stultz ’83


The Gift

The Elliot A. Stultz ’83 Fund for the Hood Museum of Art and a pledge to the Hood Museum of Art expansion fund

Its Purpose

To support art conservation at the Hood and the museum’s renovation


“Dartmouth has made the Hood an integral part of a liberal arts education. Archaeology students can study artifacts from ancient civilizations. Foreign language students can learn about the fine and decorative arts of a culture. Students today are more visual than ever before. Seeing objects and depictions in person is tremendously powerful. I want to support that.” —ELLIOT STULTZ '83

Promoting Cybersecurity

James B. Gilchrist ’61


The Gift

The Lewayne and James B. Gilchrist ’61 Faculty Excellence Fund

Its Purpose

To provide support to computer science faculty through start-up packages, fellowships, and grants


“Over the next 10 years, more and more people will have access to data and communication. Cybersecurity is so important, and Dartmouth can make great strides in this area, enhancing how computers and databases are used and developed for greater safety. Lew and I felt that supporting this effort can make a big difference.” —JAMES GILCHRIST '61

Lending a Hand to Students Who Need Help

Trudy M. Muller ’96

A woman smiles at the camera

The Gift

Gift to join Centennial Circle of Dartmouth Alumnae

Its Purpose

To provide scholarship support to undergraduate students


“I was a first-generation student on substantial financial aid. By making this gift, I hope I inspire other first-generation alumnae to support women students on financial aid. It was a huge stretch for me to go to Dartmouth, a very big sacrifice that my parents made willingly, and not everybody has that opportunity. My parents operate a small pumpkin farm in California and are very active giving back to the agricultural community. I felt I needed to do more, too, and support a cause important to me.” —TRUDY MULLER '96

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