U.S. Foreign Policy and International Security Postdoctoral Fellows Program (USFP/IS)

Shaping the future of U.S. international relations.

Established in 2012, Dartmouth’s USFP/IS Postdoctoral Fellowship program builds on existing faculty strengths and nurtures the best emerging scholars conducting research on topics of vital importance to the nation’s security and well-being. The program seeks to “bridge the divide” between academic scholarship, policy practice, leadership development, and education by mentoring new emerging leaders who will have a marked and lasting impact on the future of the field and our nation. The Fellows are selected for their demonstrated commitment to studying real-world foreign policy and international security problems. They are paired with faculty mentors who encourage them extend to beyond disciplinary boundaries – and beyond the academy – in their search for research questions, hypotheses, sources of information, and consumers of their research (including policymakers and the general public).


  • Leadership & Policy
  • Dartmouth's Distinct Educational Model
  • Wise Leaders
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