Financial aid

Your gift to support students through financial aid initiatives will strengthen the Dartmouth experience for all students, now and in the future. You’ll help ensure that Dartmouth can continue to attract and retain the next generation of adaptable leaders—no matter their financial circumstances. Together, let’s seize this moment and answer our call to lead.

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Byron Boston

Byron Boston ’81, President & CEO, Dynex Capital

“I am a product of Dartmouth College, financial aid, and the St. Louis alumni community. Many Dartmouth alums poured into my life, making my financial aid possible and offering me assistance and guidance. That’s an experience many Dartmouth alumni have shared, and I would love for anyone who received financial aid to stop and reflect on it, particularly given the major divergence in wealth and income that has taken place in recent decades—not only in our country but globally. There’s a large group of people who cannot afford a Dartmouth education. The cost of higher education has outstripped their wealth and their income growth over the years. That is an economic fact, and it makes for a challenging situation that all of us need to address. My main goal as a Dartmouth alum has always been to help students the same way Dartmouth alums helped me.”

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