Financial Aid

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Our mission is grounded in the premise that talent, drive, and promise are distributed equally among us.

We are committed to ensuring that every student can afford to choose Dartmouth, regardless of their financial means. Beginning with the Class of 2026, students with family incomes of $125,000 or less will receive full-tuition scholarships. Our goal is to eliminate all student loans and ensure that Dartmouth can continue to attract and retain the next generation of adaptable leaders—no matter their financial circumstances.

Dartmouth College Fund

As the largest single source of financial aid for thousands of students each year, the Dartmouth College Fund provides essential funding for more than half of Dartmouth’s students. The world needs capable leaders, and the Dartmouth College Fund needs your support. 

Our $500 Million Endowed Scholarship Campaign Goal

During the Call to Lead, $277 Million has been raised toward the goal of $500 Million.

55% to Goal

Strengthen commitment to U.S. need-blind admissions

50% to Goal

Expand need-blind admissions to international students

100% to Goal

Eliminate loans/reduce student indebtedness

51% to Goal

Expand fellowships for graduate students

98% to Goal

Provide support for off-campus programs/study abroad

81% to Goal

Offer support for high-need students

40% to Goal

Why I Give

I was able to go to Dartmouth only with the help of financial aid and am now paying it forward. The experience shaped me in so many different ways and I strongly feel that I should give back so others may have the experience that I did."

- Saad Iqbal ’88
Saad Iqbal, Class of 1988

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