More Opportunities Than She Ever Imagined

Grateful for the scholarship support she has received, this first-generation student is having a life-changing experience at Dartmouth

Ameena Razzaque

Meet Ameena Razzaque ’22, a self-described child of Pakistani immigrants, a first-generation scholarship student, a Muslim woman, and a proud Texan. She’s also a future journalist, doctor, and activist preparing to change the world—an ambition that Dartmouth is helping make possible.

“Her writing is beautiful. Her writing explores these strands of identity and culture and compassion. She really captures what it’s like to be different,” says Alexis Jetter, a lecturer in the Department of English. “She’s going to do a lot of things in her life. She is genuinely excited about things. I think that’s contagious and people are drawn to that.”

Dartmouth is committed to providing the finest liberal arts education to all students, no matter their circumstances. Through The Call to Lead campaign, the College is seeking to secure $500 million in endowed scholarships to ensure that every student has access to the full Dartmouth experience.

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