Deanship of Geisel School

World-class leadership in health care education.

Endowing the deanship will recognize the role’s significance and affirm Dartmouth’s commitment to exemplary medical education and leading research in health care discovery and delivery.

Along with providing direct compensation, an endowment will enhance recruitment resources for the Dean to serve as the school’s chief talent officer as Geisel seeks to strengthen its reputation for educating complete physicians; advancing discovery across academic boundaries in cancer research, behavioral health, and global health care; and sustaining our leadership position in the burgeoning field of health care delivery science.

The Dean is charged with bringing to Geisel world-class clinicians, researchers, and faculty members in health care and associated disciplines, whose teaching and research sit on the cutting edges of discovery and delivery, and who share Dartmouth’s commitment to healthier communities through innovations in research, education, patient care, and social determinants of health.


  • Research & Teaching
  • Health Care
  • Dartmouth's Distinct Educational Model
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