Why I Give: Dartmouth Hall

Dozens of donors have shared their reasons for giving to Dartmouth Hall. Here are a few of their heartfelt comments.

Dartmouth Hall on a sunny day

“Iconic Dartmouth Hall played a central role in my Dartmouth education. I would love to see it remain in all its glory for future generations of the Dartmouth community.”

Margaret Layman ’81

“It is hard to pinpoint one moment, class, person, or experience that shaped my time at Dartmouth. It is a collection of all of those things, and at any time, one might be more prominent than the others. But in terms of an image, a representation, of this excellent college, Dartmouth Hall stands out at the centerpoint. To paraphrase the words of one of my favorite professors, Bill Slesnick, Dartmouth teaches students how to think. That will resonate with me forever.”

Davida (Sherman) Dinerman ’86

“I want to be a part of a greater legacy of women. And a few years from now, I want to know I was a part of paying that legacy forward.”

Kendall Milender ’23

“Dartmouth changed my life. My Dartmouth experience showed me the way to a whole wide world full of interesting opportunities, places, and people and it gave me lifelong friends. Being in one of the first coed classes gave me useful lessons in how to navigate and operate effectively in the real world.”

Jackie Kaiko ’78

“I am the first from my mother’s side, one-sixteenth Native American, to attend college and am born from an immigrant father from Iran, where women’s rights are lacking, so this call to action from Dartmouth women really speaks to me. I would not be who I am today if it weren’t for Dartmouth. The invaluable liberal arts education I received and the everlasting friendships I have made fill my soul. Dartmouth Hall was where I found some of my most inspiring classes and professors. I will be eternally grateful for my time spent there and hope that others will, as well.”

Sheila Bassiri Ahmed ’94

“As a member of the first class of women, I learned resiliency in the face of a difficult chapter in the College’s history. This resiliency propelled me through medical school and into a fulfilling work life. For this, I am grateful.”

Brita Reed ’76 MED’82

“Dartmouth Hall is so integrated into my Dartmouth memories as my freshman dorm was Mid-Fayerweather. I will always associate my Dartmouth experience with stepping out of Mid-Fayerweather with Dartmouth Hall before me, breathing in the crisp air (wishing I had taken the time to actually blow dry my air) and then heading off to classes.”

Debbie Beliveau ’00

“Dartmouth changed my life, opened my world, and introduced me to friends for life. It is an honor to support this effort.”

Shari Hubert ’92