Why Do You Love the Hop?

As Dartmouth launches plans for a reimagined Hopkins Center, alumni and students shared what they love about the creative center of campus.

The Hopkins Center for the Arts is changing the way we embrace the arts at Dartmouth. It is transitioning from a primarily performance-based arts center to one that embraces and fosters creativity on a larger scale, through a wide range of artistic forms of expression. 

A major expansion and renovation of the Hop, led by the design firm Snøhetta, is part of a broader reimagining of the Hop to support greater and more ambitious creation of cross-disciplinary work on-site and to meet the growing demand of students and faculty.

All students, including those with little or no background in the arts, will have greater opportunity to dive into new arts experiences in a variety of adaptable spaces. Faculty will showcase their work on a much larger, global platform and will create even more new work with a wider range of artists.

As the Hop prepares for this great leap forward, we’re sharing “Why Do You Love the Hop?” featuring both alumni and students. This video is the first of a series of videos as we anticipate the reimagined Hop.

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