Video: What Sets Dartmouth Apart?

President Hanlon touts Dartmouth’s strengths at Davos

Philip Hanlon in Davos

Speaking in Davos on the eve of the World Economic Forum in January, President Philip J. Hanlon ’77 discussed Dartmouth’s distinctive position as both a liberal arts college and research university.

As part of a series of interviews with leaders from technology, finance, manufacturing, education, and other sectors, President Hanlon said a liberal arts education is the foundation for success in all fields.

“What is the promise of higher education for students?” said President Hanlon.

“It’s a transformed quality of mind, keen analytic skills, having a commitment to explore every question with an open mind, gather all available evidence—not just that which suits your world view.”

“It's being able to separate fact from fiction, having the reasoning skills to apply this evidence to draw a conclusion, and then being able to explain it to people.”

Baker Tower at night

"Liberal arts education is the foundation for success in all fields"

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