For Moments Like This...

Your support for the Dartmouth College Fund ensures a quick response to urgent student needs.

Students at a leadership event

The pandemic is having a devastating effect on many Dartmouth families—increasing the amount of financial aid their students will now need to attend next term.

But thanks to the support of our alumni donor community, Dartmouth has been able to respond quickly and decisively to the needs of our students.

  • As shutdowns and shelter-in-place orders began, we helped nearly 500 students travel home safely. Some of those unexpected student itineraries required five or more travel legs to reach their destinations, all as borders closed or new restrictions were implemented in transit.
  • For the approximately 200 students who cannot go elsewhere, several residence halls and take-out dining facilities are open and staffed to support them.
  • We have provided the hardware and connectivity support to enable remote learning for students from far-ranging locations across rural America, tribal lands, the Arctic Circle, and remote areas in Africa and Asia.
  • Within three weeks, we helped our faculty transform 700 spring term courses into a remote delivery platform that enabled participation by students in every time zone around the world. It gives new meaning to the idea of “global Dartmouth.”

When we say “we” did these things… you were right there with us, because we couldn’t do our work without you and your support for students through the Dartmouth College Fund.

The DCF continues to be the #1 source of scholarship support for our undergraduates receiving financial aid. Through the collective power of giving, donors this year provided the equivalent of a $1 billion endowment to support student access to Dartmouth.

Simply put, the Dartmouth College Fund was made for moments like this.

Your gift today means more than ever in making a positive impact on thousands of students who hold the dream of a Dartmouth education in their hearts.

Our students are counting on us. Will you join the call?