The Hop is Alive and Well During Major Renovation Project

While the Hopkins Center is under construction, the Hop continues to sponsor arts events across campus and the region

A rendering of the north facade of the Hopkins Center for the Arts includes a new wing for arts programs. (Courtesy of Snøhetta and Methanoia)

In November 2022, Dartmouth launched the first major expansion and renovation of the Hopkins Center in over 60 years. While the Hop is under construction, its arts programming is continuing as strong as ever with a wide range of events on campus and throughout the region. More than a half-dozen locations across campus—such as the newly renovated Rollins Chapel, Collis Common Ground, Sudikoff Hall, and the Church of Christ at Dartmouth College—will host performances, film screenings, rehearsals, and more. The jewelry, woodworking, and ceramics workshops are also shifting to new spaces on campus, during construction.

When the reimagined Hop opens in 2025, it will have spaces that are bustling with energy, drawing in the Dartmouth community around art. People will gather to experience new, contemporary live arts, dance works, intimate recitals—all utilizing state-of-the-art technology for lighting, sound, and broadcast.

The expansion will support production and presentation in dance, theater, and music for students and faculty to create incredible new work. As of mid-February, $79 million has been raised toward the project’s $88 million fundraising goal.

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