Tuck Global Opportunity (TuckGO)

TuckGO prepares Tuck students to be highly skilled global business leaders through experiential learning.

It is critical for today’s leaders to have a global mindset to successfully navigate different cultures, economies, and markets in which they work. Through Tuck Global Opportunity (TuckGO) students take immersive, experiential courses in countries around the world, developing tangible skills to work across cultures and gain a deeper understanding of world economies. You can choose to support TuckGO courses: Global First-Year Projects, OnSite Global Consulting, and Global Insight Expeditions; support faculty teaching in TuckGO; or you can make a naming gift to sustain TuckGO well into the future.


  • Student Experience
  • Research & Teaching
  • Global Issues
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Leadership & Policy
  • Dartmouth's Distinct Educational Model
  • Wise Leaders
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